How Do I Create a Brand?

Your brand says everything about you and your company, so it is an extremely important element of your business that you want to get right. When developing your company or product’s brand it is important to consider that your brand represents:

  • Your Personality – It is important to remember that your product, logo, or service is not your company’s brand. Rather, your brand is the personality of your company, a representation of what your company stands for. It is what you want your customers to think of when they think about and talk about your business.
  • Your Promise – Some experts call branding the act that creates the promise your company makes to its customers. Marketing then differentiates your brand promise from other brand promises.
  • Your Lifestyle – When you have a brand, you are selling a lifestyle to your customer. A good brand will create an image in the mind of the consumer, evoking the feeling of the lifestyle they want.

What Is a Branding Firm?

Because creating a brand is so important, many turn to the experts. A branding firm, also known as a branding agency, is a group of communication experts that specialize in creating and launching brands. Branding firms can also help a business rebrand themselves. The branding firm will help the business create, plan and manage the branding process.

Vital Design Group understands the importance of branding and can help you create the perfect branding for your business with quality packaging and design services!

What Can a Branding Firm Do For My Business?

When you hire a professional firm to help you create your business’s “promise” or brand, it is important that your brand:

  • Delivers a clear message
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Confirms customer loyalty
  • Motivates the buyer
  • Connects on an emotional level with your target audience

To create a successful brand it is important to understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. This is done by integrating your brand strategy through your entire company, ensuring that at every point of public contact is covered.

What is the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?

When you compare branding and marketing, it is safe to say that branding is strategic while marketing is tactical. While marketing may contribute to a brand, the brand itself is bigger than any particular marketing campaign. The brand is what remains after the marketing campaign and what sticks in your customer’s minds and creates, or destroys, customer loyalty. Marketing activates buyers, often convincing consumers to buy a particular product. However, marketing does not build a brand. The brand is built from many different things including customer experience. For example, if a car brand has branded itself as the safest brand of vehicle, can the company prove it? If their vehicles continually perform at the highest safety level then they will secure their safety branding.

Both branding and market will cost you money. If the money is well spent, the reward is well worth it. A well-researched and planned marketing camping can result in a large increase in awareness and sales. Building a good brand will lead to loyalty–not only loyalty from your customers but also from your employees. Those who take pride in the brand will support it.

Get Help with Branding

Vital Design Group understands that your brand will reside in the hearts and minds of your customers, influencing your sales and success. Vital Design Group has highly trained experts who can help you create a strong and consistent branding campaign that will result in a successful communication of your business and your business’s promises to your customers.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • Creating Identity – The Vital Design team is able to provide effective identity solutions for our clients including creating a brand. We ensure that our clients receive the visual presence they want in our branding designs, standing out from the competition. Vital Design Group’s branding services can help you create and consistently brand your product and business.
  • Photography – Vital Design Group understands that a product’s image is an extremely important aspect of its branding and marketing. A bad photo can ruin a product’s sales and even its reputation. This is very bad for business. Vital Design Group can help you with our professional product image services, including product and food photography.
  • Package Design – Because package design is our specialty at Vital Design Group, we work with our sister company, Virtual Packaging, to create attractive and professional product packaging designs for our clients. A product’s packaging says a lot about it. Let us help you create the perfect container for your product.
  • 3D Rendering – 3D rendering is a valuable tool when designing and presenting a product. Let the team at Vital Design Group help you convey your message without the need for a physical product. Vital Design has extensive experience creating 3D models of products to help our clients fully communicate their vision during presentations.


Let Vital Design Group help you build a strong brand for your business!