What is Product Packaging Design?

Product packaging design plays a key role in marketing. It can convey a multitude of things including defining the character of the product and creating brand identity. Research has shown that buyers appreciate and respond to the stimulation for the buying decision produced by a product’s packaging. The buyer wants to be informed, tempted, surprised and inspired by the packaging in order to decide to purchase the product.

Good product packaging design is meant to inspire, allure and inform the buyer.  Quality product packaging does the job so well that buyers may not even be aware of the fact that they are drawn to certain products because of the packaging.

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What Is Needed for Effective Product Packaging Design?

The consumer wants a multisensory appeal and creative design in product packaging. Customers may even be willing to pay more for a product that is placed in a well-designed and attractive package. As a general rule, you want your packaging to be as light and compact as possible. However, there are other important factors to consider when creating an effective product packaging design including:

  • Eye-Catching Design – You want your product packaging to stand out among other products in the monotonous and competitive retail environment. The purpose of a well-designed and creative package is to entice the consumer to devote attention to the pack and its contents. Novelty also has an exceptionally strong appeal, so many companies decide to revamp an old product’s packaging, even if the product remains the same, with the hope of increased sales. It is also important to appeal to as many senses as you can with your design. Consider packaging that can be felt, smelled, or heard. These will draw more attention and customers are likely to pay more for multisensory appeal.
  • Functionality – Functionality is the basis for all successful packaging. Some important elements to consider are, depending on the product, product protection, hygiene, environmental responsibility, practical handling, closure mechanisms, portioning and even see-through windows. It is also important to consider value packaging. Value packaging can communicate sophistication and high value, leading a consumer to be willing to pay a higher amount for the product.
  • Efficient Communication – The most important aspect of your product design and packaging is to convey your message to them. Packaging is considered to be an important indicator of quality. You are therefore communicating the quality of the product by your packaging. You want a design that makes the product and the packaging coherent and consistent, conveying a singular and clear message to the consumer.

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How a Designer Can Help You with Your Product Packaging Design

Because product packaging design is such an important aspect of your product it is important that it is done right. If you are not sure where to start or have not successfully created the packaging you want for your product it may be time to seek help from a professional designer.

When choosing the right designer to help you create the best packaging design for your product look for:

  • Experience – Your product packaging designer should have a background in the type of design you are looking for. Be sure they have the production skills you seek, such as producing a 3D model or prototype.
  • A Portfolio – The designer’s experience should be well displayed in a professional portfolio and include completed projects. The portfolio will quickly reveal the designer’s skill level. When discussing the designer’s experience be sure to ask about completed projects similar to your own.
  • Good Communication – It is important that your graphic designer communicates well with you, fully answering any questions you may have. Your designer should be able to articulate what is happening in the design and production process in language that you understand.

Vital Design Group and our sister company Virtual Packaging has extensive experience helping clients create the perfect branding and packaging for their products. Our extensive design services include:

  • Package Design – Package design is our specialty at Vital Design. We work with our sister company, Virtual Packaging, to create attractive, functional and successful product packaging designs.
  • 3D Rendering – 3D rendering is an important part of the design and presentation process. Vital Design is happy to make 3D models of your product or packaging design to fully communicate your vision.
  • Creating Identity – The Vital Design team has mastered the identity creation process and provides effective identity solutions for our clients, ensuring they receive the visual presence they want. Vital Design product packaging designs can help you consistently brand your product as well as stand out from the competition.
  • Photography – A product’s image is extremely important. A bad photo can ruin a product’s marketability and lower its sales. To ensure your products look as great as they truly are Vital Design is happy to offer professional product images, perfect for your website, product packaging, and marketing campaign.

Vital Design Group can meet all of your product packaging design and branding needs!